Gina + Scott: A classic and sentimental June wedding

Gina and Scott had such a beautiful wedding full of family and emotion.  I met Scott and Gina about a year ago when I shot Scott's brother Jim's wedding.  It's one of my favorite things about being a photographer - getting to met amazing families and friends and people that I would never get to meet.  It truly is an honor to be part of people's most wonderful day.

Scott's brother Jim and his awesome wife Paige now have a little boy named Alex - and I was so excited to meet him for the first time.  He was one of the many ring bearers and when I saw him getting carried down the aisle I almost overwhelmed by cuteness.

Gina and Scott are such an amazing couple.  Recently, they went through one of the most tragic times possible with Gina's mom quickly passing away from cancer.  Gina did such an incredible job incorporating her mom's spirit into her day.  My second shooter and friend Jake also had his dad pass away way too soon from cancer and he wrote the most beautiful post about Gina and Scott's wedding.  Thank you Jake for second shooting this wedding with me and thank you for all you do.

"The typical reaction I get from people when I tell them I’m a wedding photographer is “HOW do you do it? Dealing with bridezillas and all that?!”
This is how I do it. I get to meet AMAZING people who open up their incredibly special days and the bevy of intimate moments that exists in each wedding day to me to capture and help them remember.
Today was especially poignant to me. Even just as the second photographer, I was honored and elated to be part of Gina + Scott’s wedding day. Why today was particularly enlightening to me was that all-too-recently, Gina’s mom passed away. As someone who has a parent who passed away way too soon, my heart already ached for Gina and her family before I even met her.
After the ceremony, some very special members of Gina’s wedding party surprised her by making a stop at her mom’s cemetery. The entire wedding party toasted to a live well-lived. I was crying the entire time behind my camera’s viewfinder. (AND It also didn’t help that my beloved grandparents' resting place was in plain sight of where we were for Gina’s mom.
In a world where we’re constantly connected digitally and bombarded with news of the ugliness that surrounds us, we so rarely get to be connected in-person with other humans. Every wedding, I’m away from my phone and connecting with people I’ve never met. Every wedding, I’m giddy with excitement for the couple to see each other for the first time. Every wedding, the moment someone chokes up during a speech or vows, I choke up with them.
I’m a wedding photographer because I get to see a beauty in the world that oftentimes even my camera can’t capture. It's an analog intimacy that can only be captured by a feeling. I’m privileged."

Thank you Gina and Scott for letting Jake and I be part of your day.  I hope you fee like these photos captured your day!