Kelly + Mark: An intimate courthouse wedding

The wedding Kelly and Mark planned just goes to show you how simply you can plan your wedding and still have beautiful moments and beautiful photos.  I only spent a little over an hour shooting Kelly and Mark's wedding, but I think you'll be able to see the happiness on both of their faces.

When Kelly reached out to me she said "Mark and I were pretty adamant that we were NOT going to ever even say the “M” word. 10 years together and here we are, planning a wedding. Evidently, we’ve softened our stance on the issue!"  

I love that she called it the "M" word!  Kelly's son was leaving for basic training at the end of August and wanted them to get married before he left so he could be part of it.  Seriously, the whole bunch of them were so great.  I loved Kelly's choice in dress, the old courthouse, and their matching rings were so cool.   

Kelly, hope you and Mark enjoy some of these photos!  I really enjoyed meeting you guys and congrats again!