Brittani + Micah: A fabulously untraditional wedding

After shooting as many weddings as I have, you sort of get used to the way things usually go.  The first looks, the flowers, the choreographed ceremony, the first dance, etc.  My favorite thing about shooting weddings is not the traditions or the decorations, it's really about the people.  And each wedding is unique because of the way the couple interacts, and the family and friends they have invited to be part of the day.  But if I'm being honest, most weddings flow in pretty much the same way. 

Not this wedding.

Instead of getting ready separately, Brittani and Micah started the day with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen in one big hotel room and they just sort of casually all got ready together.  After Brittani put her dress on in the other room, instead of a staged moment, she just walked right out of the room to meet back up with her soon-to-be husband and the rest of the wedding party.  There were cheers and hugs all around.  

At the ceremony, there was no aisle to walk down -- all the people invited to the wedding just showed up to the shady spot that they had chosen and gathered round in a circle and gave a small toast or words of wisdom to the couple before they exchanged rings.  The toasts are always one of my favorite parts of a weddings, so I loved how they incorporated that into their intimate ceremony.  After the ceremony we took some family photos then stopped for coffee at Scooters, one of Brittani and Micah's favorites.  We headed to north downtown to take a few more photos before heading to The Blatt's rooftop patio for the party.  Nearly all of the decorations were made by Brittani, including the gold painted bottles and the giant moon that served as a backdrop for a photo-booth for guests.

Brittani and Micah are such a cool couple and I'm beyond thrilled that I got to be part of their day.