Missy + Rob Dominican Republic Wedding

I didn't know Missy before she found me online and asked if I might want to come shoot her wedding in the Dominican Republic.  But a few too many glasses of wine later we had hatched up a plan for Missy to do some personal training for Kevin and I and for us to shoot her wedding.  That's one of my favorite aspects of being a wedding photographer -- complete strangers can totally turn into lifelong friends.  And Kevin and I've actually started exercising.  Yay!  Check out Missy's fitness business here.

Kevin and I had an amazing time celebrating in the Dominican Republic with Missy and Rob and their awesome family... drinking mimosas, convincing the wait staff to make us a REAL Dominican Republic meal, going on some sand buggies (here's a video!), and taking photos in the "jungle" :)

They are celebrating this Saturday with some of their local friends and family that weren't able to make it to the actual wedding.  I hope you guys have a blast and enjoy sharing the pictures with your friends and family.  Kevin and I are so happy to be friends with you guys and it was amazing to be part of your wedding.