Danielle + Chris: Rainy downtown Omaha engagement shoot

Second time we've planned on these photos and it's the second time it has poured down rain.  Seriously -- Nebraska weather loves to throw a wrench in my plans.  This time we refused to cancel for the weather, and even though it rained the whole time, I love so many of these photos.  And the indoor pictures were taken in Chris and Danielle's apartment building downtown, which I think is super cool.  

Danielle and Chris are awesome creative people (Danielle even made my photography logo and a million other design projects over the years) and I hope these capture just a bit of them.  They've been together almost 10 years and Kevin and I are so excited to celebrate with them in Mexico for their wedding.  Big thanks to Kevin for shooting these photos with me (and being a good sport when I asked him to hold the umbrella).