Lauren + Kevin: Wedding film sneak peek by Taura Horn

I am so excited to have Taura Horn working with me at about 15 weddings this summer!  Not only is she an awesome photographer, she has great ideas too and is constantly pushing herself creatively.  And she's super fun to hang out with too.  I honestly work hard to get every single picture at a wedding I need so I definitely don't NEED a second photographer, but it's so fun to collaborate with someone great and provide even more great images for my clients!  Super excited I get to work with her this summer.

Here is a sneak peak of the wedding we shot together last weekend.  She did a ton of images on film with her Hasselblad film camera and totally killed it.  I wanted to blog a few of my favorites.  These were all shot on film and these are scanned digitals of the film.  So so cool.  Laura and Kevin -- hope you enjoy this film sneak peek!

ALL IMAGES SHOT BY TAURA HORN!  Well... except the two first images of me taking a picture of Taura taking a picture :)