Olivia + Bredon: Small Courthouse Wedding, Omaha, NE

Olivia's sister Sarah contacted me about a week ago about photographing Olivia and Bredon's wedding.  Olivia and Bredon were doing a small courthouse wedding and to use Olivia's words exactly said, "I think Bredon and I just want some nice photos of us together that aren't iPhone selfies."  Haha!  

They hired me for just an hour and a half for photos of them, photos of the ceremony, and some family shots.  I think this might be some of my new favorite 90 minutes of photography I've done all year.  The cold Nebraska weather, the snow, and the lack of time didn't stop us from getting a ton of shots.  Like so many challenging weather situations, I think it brought out some extra creativity.  I absolutely adored Olivia's dress and her flowers that a family member put together for her. 

Olivia and Bredon - congrats again and I hope everyone that wasn't able to attend enjoys the photos!  

Huge thank you to Jake Thacker for shooting this with me :)