Michelle + Max: Durham Wedding, Omaha Nebraska

Gosh this couldn't have been any more perfect.  After a VERY cold and snowy engagement session, I was crossing my fingers for beautiful November weather for Michelle and Max, and it was absolutely perfect. St. Johns is one of my very favorite churches (it's the church Kevin and I got married in so I'm probably a little biased), and I loved their reception at the Durham.

Michelle and Max make everyone feel comfortable and have fun around them, and are an amazing couple.  And as I've noticed with awesome couples -- they have great friends and family too.  I'm so lucky I got to be part of this.

St. Johns, Omaha, NE wedding photography Bride getting ready at Magnolia hotel Michelle_Max-190-2 Michelle_Max-159-2 Michelle_Max-254 Michelle_Max-211-2 Michelle_Max-162 Michelle_Max-221 Michelle_Max-251 Groom opening gift from his brideAmanda Kohler Photography, wedding photography in OmahaMichelle_Max-296-2 Michelle_Max-323 Bride reading letter in Magnolia hotel, Omaha, NE Michelle_Max-332 Michelle_Max-366-2 Michelle_Max-352 Michelle_Max-351 Groomsmen at Magnolia hotelMichelle_Max-370-2 Michelle_Max-367Michelle_Max-377-2 Bride at Magnolia Hotel, Omaha, NEMichelle_Max-425 Michelle_Max-441 Michelle_Max-435-2 Michelle_Max-470 Michelle_Max-479-2 Michelle_Max-472 Michelle_Max-490 Michelle_Max-506-2 Michelle_Max-527-2Michelle_Max-561-2 Michelle_Max-590 Michelle_Max-582-2 Michelle_Max-588-2Michelle_Max-536Michelle_Max-638

Michelle_Max-631-2 Michelle_Max-649-2Michelle_Max-688Michelle_Max-696-2 Michelle_Max-752 Michelle_Max-751 Michelle_Max-673 Michelle_Max-681-2wedding party on Olley the Trolley Michelle_Max-739 Wedding at the Durham in Omaha, NE Michelle_Max-686 Michelle_Max-612-2 Durham Western Heritage wedding Wedding at the Durham in Omaha, NEMichelle_Max-863Michelle_Max-929Michelle_Max-921 Michelle_Max-937 Michelle_Max-914-2

Durham Western Heritage Wedding Omaha, NE