Maddie + Ben: A rural Omaha engagement shoot

I love my shoots that start downtown, but when Maddie told me about her family's property and some of the beautiful places surrounding it, I thought that sounded absolutely perfect. These guys are so sweet together and were an absolute blast to work with. Hope you guys enjoy your engagement photos!


Maddie_Ben-68 Maddie_Ben-60 Maddie_Ben-62 Maddie_Ben-71 Maddie_Ben-18 Maddie_Ben-5 Maddie_Ben-26 Maddie_Ben-45 Maddie_Ben-44 Maddie_Ben-49

Maddie_Ben-116 Maddie_Ben-85 Maddie_Ben-90Maddie_Ben-106 Maddie_Ben-127 Maddie_Ben-99 Maddie_Ben-143 Maddie_Ben-155 Maddie_Ben-146 Maddie_Ben-175 Maddie_Ben-164

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