Kayla + Rob: Omaha Wedding Photography

6/29/2013: I loved being part of Kayla and Rob's wedding at St. Mary Magdalene and the Scottish Rite in downtown Omaha, NE. The weather was just perfect, everyone was so relaxed and happy, and Kayla and Rob are just the nicest people. I know they are going to have an amazing life together. Big thanks to my husband Kevin for second shooting with me.  He did a great job and we had a lot of fun.


Kayla_Rob-26Kayla_Rob-59 Kayla_Rob-55 Kayla_Rob-71 Kayla_Rob-76Kayla_Rob-37 Kayla_Rob-87 Kayla_Rob-80 Kayla_Rob-137Kayla_Rob-93 Kayla_Rob-118 Kayla_Rob-140 ZF6A7965 copy Kayla_Rob-145 Kayla_Rob-148 ZF6A8068 Kayla_Rob-77Kayla_Rob-218Kayla_Rob-238Kayla_Rob-227 Kayla_Rob-223-3Kayla_Rob-260 Kayla_Rob-242 Kayla_Rob-241 Kayla_Rob-249 Kayla_Rob-281 ZF6A8434 Kayla_Rob-328 Kayla_Rob-314 Kayla_Rob-121Kayla_Rob-348

Kayla_Rob-382 Kayla_Rob-388 Kayla_Rob-427Kayla_Rob-474 Kayla_Rob-543Kayla_Rob-517Kayla_Rob-524Kayla_Rob-592 Kayla_Rob-589Kayla_Rob-662Kayla_Rob-694 Kayla_Rob-699 Kayla_Rob-705 Kayla_Rob-702


Kayla_Rob-638Kayla_Rob-651 Kayla_Rob-675


As always, if you have any friends or family that are getting married in Omaha, Nebraska and are looking for a photographer, I would love to talk to them.  I've got about 10 slots filled for 2014 already, and will take on about 10 more!  Thanks so much for the support!  --Amanda