Wendy + Justin: Omaha Wedding Photography

I loved being part of Wendy and Justin's day.  It rained in the morning, but then it cleared up and was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding at Arbor Hall.  There were so many great moments throughout the day, but probably my favorite was their first dance.  It was so sweet and they just looked like they were having so much fun together. Big thanks to Nina for second shooting with me!

Wendy_Justin-38 Wendy_Justin-2 Wendy_Justin-9 Wendy_Justin-21 Wendy_Justin-27 Wendy_Justin-36 Wendy_Justin-46 Wendy_Justin-42 Wendy_Justin-57 Wendy_Justin-40 Wendy_Justin-58 Wendy_Justin-67 Wendy_Justin-74 Wendy_Justin-79 Wendy_Justin-81Wendy_Justin-93 Wendy_Justin-107 Wendy_Justin-98 Wendy_Justin-115 Wendy_Justin-138 Wendy_Justin-122 Wendy_Justin-150 Wendy_Justin-158 Wendy_Justin-167 Wendy_Justin-174Wendy_Justin-283 Wendy_Justin-295Wendy_Justin-328 Wendy_Justin-332Wendy_Justin-344Wendy_Justin-353 copy Wendy_Justin-447 Wendy_Justin-393 Wendy_Justin-390 Wendy_Justin-380 Wendy_Justin-457 Wendy_Justin-460 Wendy_Justin-456 Wendy_Justin-469 Wendy_Justin-498Wendy_Justin-558 Wendy_Justin-563 Wendy_Justin-551Wendy_Justin-557