Kayla + Jeff's Wedding: Anna Maria Island

Where do I even begin with this wedding?  It was absolutely perfect.  I am so happy that Kayla and Jeff invited Kevin and I to be part of their wedding on Anna Maria Island, Florida.  It was totally a family and close friend affair, which are my favorite. Kayla's dad performed the morning ceremony on the beach, while Jeff's dad and a friend played the music.  There wasn't an official wedding party since everyone that came down was really part of the party so we just did a few quick snapshots of the group and the families on the beach, then everybody headed back to the beach house for some brunch.  After some brunch, Kevin and I and Kayla and Jeff jumped on a golf cart and explored around the island a bit, and then we all headed back for some time on the beach and a pool party.  Fabulously relaxed, beautiful, and personal.  Just what a wedding should be.  Congrats to you both!


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