Aaron and Megan's Wedding Album! Omaha Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is giving my couple their completed wedding album.  I received Aaron and Megan's wedding album in the mail yesterday!  I get so excited when I get packages and ESPECIALLY someone's wedding album. This one turned out beautiful.  Aaron and Megan's wedding was at the Henry Doorly zoo on November 17th.  I love that they included a photo on the front!  Sea turtles are really special to them so when I saw this sea turtle sculpture at the zoo, I definitely wanted to get a picture of them with it.  And it ended up on the front of there album!

For my photographer friends out there - this is a 10X10 Leather Craftsmen album with a split tone cover - silver brush premium fabric and black leather spine.  A 6X6 photo is mounted in the optical center with no flush liner, black gilding, and silver imprinting on the spine.  Aaron and Megan added on a set of 5X5 inch softbooks to give to their parents.

Of course I busted out the camera right away to snap some pictures.  Like this one of Kevin?  Ha!











If you know of anyone looking for an Omaha wedding photographer, I'd love if you could pass along my name  :)  Thanks friends.