Baby Fiona: Newborn Photographer Omaha

Ok.  So I might be a little biased, but I think Fiona is one of the most precious little babies I've ever seen.  Kevin and I are lucky to be this beautiful little girl's godparents.

Emily trusted me to venture out with her brand new baby into the weeds behind her apartment, and even though we were getting strange looks from people driving by it was super fun.  I wanted to do pictures in the theme of the maternity pictures we snapped of Emily.  It was such a perfect warm night and Fiona was so cooperative.  Seriously - normally you want to allocate several hours for a newborn shoot, and we were able to get a bunch of pictures in 15 minutes.  She didn't even pee.  Talk about the perfect.

As much as I like the outdoor pictures (especially on the blanket my mom and I made for Fiona), my favorite pictures are actually the ones around 10:30 pm of Emily, Casey, and Fiona.  I stayed to make it through two different feedings.  Between pumping, feeding, diaper changing.  Wow.  Any every 3 hours?  Emily and Casey were handling it like champs and somehow already seemed like experts.  So proud of you guys!  Emily - I know you told me no pictures of you, but you guys are just so cute I couldn't help it.  I can take these down if you hate them.  Love you guys!

And last but not least.  Fiona - the baby burrito :)