Professional Picture: Photography Omaha

I don't know many people our age that have a "professional picture" but looks like I inadvertently (and unwillingly) created one for Kevin tonight.  I actually was recently asked for a professional picture and realized that I have absolutely nothing that will come close to working.  So if anyone else in Omaha is in the same boat and needs a professional picture, definitely get in touch because I thought this was fun.

I'm photographing a wedding today, so last night I was brushing up on some posing techniques and other random tutorials on Kelby Training.  I feel like it always helps to have some things really fresh in my mind when going into such an important day.  So last night Kevin got home from work and I immediately pounced on him and begged him to put on his suit jacket and tie so I could take his picture and practice a few new things on him.  Poor guy had apparently not had a great day at work and this was the last thing he wanted to do, but somehow I managed to talk him into it (I think he realized I was just going to keep bugging him until he agreed).  But he drew the line at putting a tie on.  I won't show you all the picture of him giving me dirty looks for making him do this, but I thought some of these came out well.  Especially since I only had about 5 minutes before Kevin's patience wore out.

I'm jealous of all you Omaha photographers out there with kids.  Kids don't have a say in whether they get their picture taken.  Husbands do.  I love taking pictures.  And Kevin hates getting his picture taken.  And nobody wants to see a bunch of pictures of our pet rats.  This was a rare treat for me, so thanks babe.  Love you.