I'm a regular! Omaha wedding photographer: Client meetup!

There are few things that I like more than a great bottle of wine and meeting an awesome new friend. I took this picture a few weeks ago to celebrate the first time I got called "a regular" at La Buvette but I never posted it.  Yes, I realize that's embarrassing that I'm proud of that.  But I really love getting to know people and really getting to know a place, and La Buvette is one of my favorite places.  

Tonight I just got back from another amazing client meeting at La Buvette though, so I went back looking for this picture from a few weeks ago.  Laura and I spent the first 45 minutes talking all about traveling and then we finally got chatting about the wedding.  I'm so excited that I get to be part of Laura's wedding on May 3rd.  That makes me officially half-way booked for 2014 and completely booked in both May and June.  Thank you so much to everyone that's referring me to family and friends.  It really means so much to me.


I took this first shot of the bottle of wine to show how messy (yeah that's my kitchen and that's embarrassing) and not cool the scenario was, and then how simply by lowering my vantage point, and using the light from the overhead bulb from my kitchen light without moving anything you can create something much cooler.  Every time the background sucks and it's unavoidable, I get low.  It doesn't matter what camera you have -- if you don't like the background in your photo, getting a lower vantage point can make all the difference.  Or if possible I get high and shoot down.  If you guys like these behind the scenes shots let me know and I'll try to post them more!