Ashley and Patrick Engaged!

I was so happy when Ashley and Patrick decided to bring me out to San Francisco for their engagement shoot instead of doing it in Nebraska in the winter.  They are such a fun couple and the change of scenery was great.  I got a little nervous when I saw the forecast for thunderstorms all weekend with flash flood warnings, but this just shows if you have an awesome couple, and you have fun with it, it doesn't matter what the weather does.

 And when it started raining even heavier we found a parking spot that just happened to be right in front of this little Italian restaurant called Mescolanza that Kevin and I went to about a year ago when we were in San Francisco.  What are the odds that we just happened to find a parking spot in front of one of the only restaurants I've ever been to in San Francisco??  We even had the same waitress as Kevin and I had a year ago.  I wish I could every engagement shoot with a glass of wine.