Baby Fiona: Newborn Photographer Omaha

Ok.  So I might be a little biased, but I think Fiona is one of the most precious little babies I've ever seen.  Kevin and I are lucky to be this beautiful little girl's godparents.

Emily trusted me to venture out with her brand new baby into the weeds behind her apartment, and even though we were getting strange looks from people driving by it was super fun.  I wanted to do pictures in the theme of the maternity pictures we snapped of Emily.  It was such a perfect warm night and Fiona was so cooperative.  Seriously - normally you want to allocate several hours for a newborn shoot, and we were able to get a bunch of pictures in 15 minutes.  She didn't even pee.  Talk about the perfect.

As much as I like the outdoor pictures (especially on the blanket my mom and I made for Fiona), my favorite pictures are actually the ones around 10:30 pm of Emily, Casey, and Fiona.  I stayed to make it through two different feedings.  Between pumping, feeding, diaper changing.  Wow.  Any every 3 hours?  Emily and Casey were handling it like champs and somehow already seemed like experts.  So proud of you guys!  Emily - I know you told me no pictures of you, but you guys are just so cute I couldn't help it.  I can take these down if you hate them.  Love you guys!

And last but not least.  Fiona - the baby burrito :)

Julia + Dustin: Omaha Wedding Photographer

Julia and Dustin, I'm so glad I got the chance to photograph your wedding.  I thought everything about the day was beautiful, and romantic, and on top of it really fun.  These are the things I will remember about your wedding day: the tears in both your eyes when Julia walked down the aisle, the sun setting as you exchanged your vows, the bubbles and the smiles as you walked down the aisle with your kids in your arms, the candlelit reception, the matching wedding rings and chuck taylors, and how happy I was when the rain went away and the sun came out. I loved it all.  Kate - I know you and Julia worked really hard on all these details and I think you guys totally pulled it off.  Even the weather cooperated!

Not everyone is natural in front of the camera, and I consider it my job as the photographer to make people feel comfortable and get great images of them being themselves....  BUT honestly I think you guys just forgot that I was there and enjoyed being together and married. It was so cool to watch.  I think your mom said it best when she contacted me about shooting the wedding and said, "It will be an amazing positive evening... two kids showing all us old folks that love really does conquer all."

Huge thanks for Charista for driving down to Kansas City with me and doing such a great job helping me shoot the wedding!

Hansen Family: Omaha Family Photographer

A year ago I took newborn pictures of baby Tyler, and this week I got to see this great family again for their family photography.  Tyler is still as sweet and laid back as he was when he was a little baby and Alison is still Miss Personality and so fun to take pictures of.

One of the things I love about photography (besides getting to know awesome families like this one) is that you see where you live in a whole new way.  I've run by this spot downtown a bunch of times, but until I started paying attention, I never noticed how cool everything is.  All these pictures were taken within a three block radius.  Anybody recognize where we are?  

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Omaha Senior Photographer: Tarynne's Senior Photos

Tarynne rocked her senior pictures.  She looked gorgeous, wasn't afraid to climb on ledges, stomp in the weeds, and didn't run screaming when we came across a group of people living in the woods in tents... true story.

Thank you to Tiffani, from Tiffani Jedlicka photography, for the opportunity to shoot Tarynne.  Having another photographer trust you with their client is a huge compliment.  Also, thanks for coordinating with the makeup artist - I think that was a great idea.  Gretchen, from GretchElizArtistry, did a fabulous job.

Nosh Wine Lounge: Omaha Photographer

One of my favorite things about living downtown Omaha is all the great restaurants within walking distance.  Nosh Wine Lounge is one of those places, and lately they are doing more and more live music.  Free show and a glass of wine - yes please.

 Last weekend Kevin, Joe, and I went to Nosh to check out Sofia Talvik, a Swedish singer that is doing a US tour with her husband for the next two years.  Absolute favorite part was when she sung a traditional Swedish folk song - so pretty and almost haunting.  You can watch it on youtube here.  I had my camera with me, so I couldn't help snapping some pictures.  Lila - hope you enjoy the pictures of your beautiful restaurant!

Why Photography is so Expensive

I think what would surprise people the most about photography is just how much time is spent on photography that doesn't actually involve taking pictures.  I recently attempted to put together some estimates for the total time involved so I could come up with pricing.  What I came up with is that after it's all said and done, I estimate for every one hour of shooting time, it takes 3 - 4 hours of processing and handling time. What the heck takes so long?

Well... coordinating a date/ time to take the pictures, ensuring all your equipment is ready to go, traveling to the shoot, downloading your files, narrowing down the best pics, batching from raw, EDITING!, blogging, uploading, making prints, burning disks, then getting that it all back to the client...

Don't misunderstand.  I love it, and its super fun, but there's definitely more than meets the eye... especially when it comes to Photoshop.  Check out this cute little guy I took newborn pictures of last year.  By the way, how freakin adorable is he?  I get to take his 1 year pictures in a few weeks!

In this picture I definitely could have saved myself some trouble by realizing pieces of blanket were blocking his little face, and cleaning the spot off my camera sensor...  but still.   What do you guys think?  Notice that big of a difference between the first picture and the second?  Would you spend 5 minutes in Photoshop to create the top picture?  For example, I liked the bucket with a blue color-cast, but maybe other peple don't like it or don't care?  What about some selective lightning and darkening (burning and dodging) to make the photo look a little more three-dimensional?  Can you guys tell the difference?

Avery and Ava: Kid Photography Omaha

I had just planned on doing the photography for Ava's one year pictures, but then got the bonus of getting to take Avery's pictures too.  Avery is six months and is Ava's little cousin. I can tell already they are going to be best friends.  I absolutely loved their brown eyes and all their adorable little expressions.

 Their moms - Julia and Janelle are sisters and couldn't have been better on the shoot.  Sometimes mom's get a little stressed out when we're taking pictures, but Julia and Janelle were laid back and a ton of fun.  Thanks for the opportunity!